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Welcome to ''NxTGen Retro Room''
Welcome to ''NxTGen Retro Room''


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Our Music Room is a collection of the Music Playlists with Harmony, Melody & Rhythem. A mixture of Older & More Modern music. Inside the music room. We have playlists in almost all genres.

Most of the Music inside is Mid to High energy. Some playlists are more chill or relaxed with a few sad songs thrown into the mix. One or two of our playlists is guaranteed to be a perfect addition to enhance your lifestyle.


If you are an artist or creative individual in any area. You need insight, inspiration and new ideas. The music selection, album cover art & lingo inside our music room will definately benefit you greatly.

 Or maybe, you are just ''bored in the house, bored in the house, bored'' and you want to find new music to lift your mood, get you motivated, energized and through your workouts or daily routine.


There are millions of songs on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud and other platforms and more being uploaded everyday. Finding great music is becoming more & more of a challenge. Our playlists will make you the Go To DJ at any party, guaranteed.

Most playlists inside our music room vary in price from €100.00 to €450.00. Prices vary depending on the quality and energy of each playlist. Playlists are non refundable. However, we recommend contacting us, let us know a bit about yourself and we will recommend and specific playlists for you.


Once ordered. Contact us at to request your access passcode to our Music Room.


RATED M: 17+

M: (Mature) This product is for persons: 17+